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ValPlayso is located on the south side of Glendale Boulevard, just east of Roosevelt Road. Thomas Jefferson Middle School and the Nature Walk Area are located just south and west of the park. Parking is available just east, and restroom facilities are located just south and east of the playground area.


ValPlayso was designed and built in 1994 by the Valparaiso community in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation. Community participation was incorporated into all phases of the designing and building of Valplayso; more than 2,600 children and adult volunteers shared in the experience. Energetic foundation members and committed park staff coordinated the community project. Valplayso was constructed on October 5-9, 1994.


Three members of the 1994 Valparaiso Parks Foundation board chaired key committees:
  • Art Malasto was the primary contact and operations chairman
  • Chuck Welter oversaw fundraising and publicity
  • Jon Costas organized support services

Valplayso The Next Generation

In 2014, ValPlayso will celebrate it's 20 year anniversary. With the life expectancy of most playgrounds to be close to 15 years, ValPlayso is in need of a makeover. The Valparaiso Parks Foundation has taken on the task to rebuild the playground, along with improving the overall site of Glenrose North Park. Just like in 1994, the ValPlayso rebuild will be a community involved effort from funding to building.

For more information or to get involved with ValPlayso The Next Generation, please visit the Valplayso website.


  1. ValPLAYso Family Express Pavilion

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