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Forest Park


  1. Open Play Area
  2. Parking
  3. Picnic Areas
  4. Picnic Shelters
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Playground
  7. Swings

Location & Amenities 

Forest Park is a 10-acre park with two shelters. It is a popular leisure site in the city and is located just off Harrison Boulevard, west of Campbell Street.

On the west end of the park is an open play area suitable for frisbee, volleyball, or relaxing in the sun, and a backstop suitable for ball games. Nearby are the Rotary Shelter and a playground. Walking trails connect this area to the the east end of the park, with a 2-acre open greenspace and the Beta Shelter. Just a short walk further to the east will bring you to Ogden Gardens and its unique floral displays, gazebo, memorial gardens, trees, and shrubs.

Seasonal restrooms are available.


  1. Forest Park - Beta Shelter

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  2. Forest Park - Rotary Shelter

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