Get Healthy with Community Healthcare System

CHS systemValpo Parks in partnership with Community Healthcare System is excited to offer the following classes that offer opportunities to learn about a variety of health and wellness topics.  All classes will be taught by Community Healthcare System professionals.  

Class (scroll down for descriptions)DateDayTimeFeeLocation
Cooking for One with five Ingredients or LessJan 18Tu2 - 3 pmFREE Banta Activity Center
A Day Just for Us -Allergy Friendly Programming with Dr. Amee Patel for all ages. There will be a Valentine's craft/activity as well this day!Feb 12Sa11 am - noonFREEBanta Activity Center
Oh, My Achy BonesMar 15Tu2 - 3 pmFREEBanta Activity Center
Go to Playtime and Join InApr 19Tu11 am - noonFREEFoundation Meadows Park
Eating to Support Healthy AgingMay 17Tu2 - 3 pmFREEBanta Activity Center
Tiny Hands, Big HelpersJun 18Sa11 am - noonFREEBanta Activity Center
Dine Without the Disagreements Jul 19Tu6 - 7 pmFREEBanta Activity Center
Family Grocery ShoppingAug 16Tu6 - 7 pmFREEStrack & Van Til (North)
AFib - What is it and What you Need to KnowSep 20Tu2 - 3 pmFREEBanta Activity Center
Create a One-Bite Monster
*See our special events page for more details about our Fall Festival
Oct 22Sa11 am - 1 pmFREERogers-Lakewood Park
Increase Your Health WealthNov 15Tu2 - 3 pmFREEBanta Activity Center
Grocery Shopping without a Car & 
Cooking Healthy on a Budget
Dec 13Tu2 - 3 pmFREEBanta Activity Center

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Class Descriptions:

Cooking for One on Five Ingredients or Less Cooking healthy meals for one can be a challenge. Join in to learn ways to save time, money and ease your cooking stress. You will learn how to make wise food choices and use pre-chopped veggies, self-made frozen meals or leftovers to cook once for three delicious meals.  (Ages 18+)

A Day Just for US - Allergy Friendly Programming:  The Big-8 allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat and soy are excluded from a session that is designed to keep allergies for kids and adults at bay. We will teach you how to read food labels, prepare a safe, nutritious treat and learn about allergy support in your area. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)

Oh, My Achy Bones:  As we age, bone density can become a concern. Join us for a free bone density screening and a presentation on exercises, foods and vitamins that can help manage chronic arthritis and possibly improve or prevent osteoporosis. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)

Go to Playtime and Join In:  Make the most out of playtime! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as we review ways to increase both children and parents' activity levels, strengthen relationships, build confidence and bond as a family. Activity will be adapted toward individual participant abilities. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over) 

Eating to Support Healthy Aging:  Learn how the Mediterranean diet can help prevent cardiovascular disease, increase your lifespan and help you age gracefully. Recipes and food samples will be served. (Ages 18+)

Tiny Hands, Big Helpers:  Kids, it's time to show your parents that you can be a great help in the kitchen. We will teach you how. You will learn how to make a fruit arrangement using safe utensils in your kitchen. Parents, this class will help you feel more confident to have your child participate in making family meals. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)  

Dine Without Disagreements Cooking with easy recipes backed by the American Heart Association, this session will include fun ideas to interact with the kids, easy recipes and healthy grilling ideas. Whether you are a  parent, grandparent, sitter or friend, this day will be filled with great ideas to make mealtime less stressful and more interactive. (Ages 18+)

Family Grocery Shopping:  Join Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Shannon Hough, RN on a journey through the aisles of your local store to discuss healthy choices while being carb, healthy fat and fiber content conscious. Learn ways to save money and eat healthier as you navigate the grocery store. Learn how to use the freezer for easy-to-add produce to make smoothies and meals, and ways to store fruits and vegetables to keep produce fresh. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)   

AFib - What is it and Why you Need to Know:  It's National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month! AFib is an irregular, often rapidheart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow. Sleep apnea can worsen heart issues, leading to a higher risk of developing AFib. This session includes a free AFib and sleep apnea screening. It is recommended for people who are 40-50+ years of age and have a history of heart disease, thyroid disorders or sleep apnea. (Ages 18+)  

Create a One Bite Monster:  Kids will make a monster made of delicious morsels, using some foods they may have never tasted before! The session includes education on how grains and herbs can fit into a healthy diet and switch-up their meals. Parents will learn how to encourage kids to try new foods and build more fiber into the diet. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)  

Increase Your Health Wealth:  Find ways to save on your medication and learn more about safe and proper medication storage. Retail pharmacy staff from Community Healthcare System will answer questions and offer tips to save money at local pharmacies and your insurance plan. (Ages 18+)

Grocery Shopping Without a Car & Cooking Healthy on a Budget:  Cooking from home gives you control over your food choices AND your wallet. This program, supported by the American Heart Association, should be on your to-do list if the weather is blustery or you are without a car. We will help you find ways to bring nutritious and delicious meals to your daily routine. (All ages, those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over)