Program & Registration Regulations


Receipts are automatically generated through online registration. Please refer to our website or keep a record of program dates and times for your reference. Most league players will be contacted by coaches and captains. If you would like to confirm your enrollment in a class, please call the park office at 219-462-5144 during regular business hours, and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Late Registration

If a program deadline has passed, please contact the park office regarding late registration. In most cases, we are able to accommodate those still wishing to participate. A $10 per person, per program late registration fee may apply.


All programs are subject to a minimum $10 cancellation fee - some restrictions apply. No refunds will be granted after the deadline date. Facility rental fees are nonrefundable, including, Butterfield Family Pavilion, Central Park Plaza, Ogden Gardens and Foundation Meadows Gazebos, park shelters, hayrides and pre-paid Rogers Lakewood entrance. Any approved refunds will be issued by check only through the Valparaiso Parks and Recreation Department during regular business hours. Refunds take approximately 3 - 6 weeks to process.


The Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel or alter a class or program due to limited registration or circumstances beyond its control. In this instance, enrollment fees will be refunded.

Standard Fee

The Park Board has adopted a policy for the resident discount user fees at most facilities and for most programs. This policy apportions an equalized higher fee to our nonresident participants. The higher fee contributes to the overall operations and financing of the Park Department on an equitable basis with Valparaiso City residents who contribute by paying property taxes.

Fee Assistance

Children may receive fee assistance to reduce the basic fee for most park youth programs. Fee assistance is based on family income and the number of members in the family. To apply, simply inquire for details when registering for a youth activity. A parent will be required to complete a short form. Click HERE to read the financial assistance policy and print out the form for submission.

Participation Waiver

By participating in park programs, you assume the risk of injury and you agree to hold harmless the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation, the City of Valparaiso, and its agents, and forfeit the right to make any claim for monetary damages against the Valparaiso Park Department and the City of Valparaiso if you or your property is damaged while participating in or attending a program or while in a park facility.