Fit City

Fit City 2019 Schedule

Held at the Porter Health Amphitheater, 63 Lafayette St., Downtown Valparaiso

Key Areas

Fit City is an initiative between the City of Valparaiso, the mayor's office, and the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation. Fit City programs focus on the four key areas listed below for improvement in your life:
  • Body - Physically being the best you can be
  • Character - Challenging yourself by taking a step out of the ordinary
  • Community - Taking time for your family, engaging in social activities with friends, volunteering your time, or meeting someone new
  • Mind - Never ceasing to discover more about yourself or the world

Ways to Participate

Since 2005, thousands of people have participated in Fit City programs, and the movement toward a healthier city continues today! We encourage you to do more today than you did yesterday. Ways to participate include:
  • Parking your car farther away from the door to walk more
  • Reading a good book instead of watching television all night
  • Utilizing the walking paths and bicycle routes located throughout our city

Fit City Council

Spearheading the ongoing efforts to keep Valparaiso a great place to live, work, and play, the Fit City Council's representatives from local schools, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations are always developing new ways to bring fitness into our community and to keep a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Fit City Challenge 2019 - Watch for more information Fall 2019

​The most wonderful "workout" time of the year! Valpo Parks partners with local businesses to offer participants discounts on work out programs throughout the months of November 1st through December 31st. 
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