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Foundation Meadows Park

Subfacility of Glenrose Park


Foundation Meadows Park is located north and east of the Valparaiso Park Department main office, across from Keystone Commons Subdivision, and just south of Bullseye Lake Road / Ransom Road.


As part of the master plan for Foundation Meadows Park, the Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation is in the process of creating a native tree arboretum and restoring upland, mesic, and wetland ecosystems, which had existed on these 20 acres prior to agricultural activity.

The purpose is to provide an area where native ecosystems can be observed and studied. This site will be unique in the current park system as a place where only native vegetation will be displayed. Our hope is that our visitors will gain an appreciation for what once was here and will become able to identify invasive plants on their own properties.

Butterfly Meadows & Caterpillar Crossing

Foundation Meadows Park also includes a newly constructed playground, which is known as Butterfly Meadows and Caterpillar Crossing.