Sports Schedules & Standings


Team Standings:

​Team Schedules:

​If you are still in need of a roster for this season, get a blank one here.

Potential Tournament Dates:
  • Men's A,E,F 7/28
  • Men's B 7/21 and 7/22
  • Men's C,D 7/21
  • COED A,B 7/15
  • COED C,D 7/22
  • Women's 7/29

Important information:

  1.  Game time is forfeit time! If your team is forfeiting, please call the park office before 4:45 pm.
  2. Time Limit: 60 minutes; no new inning will start after 60 minutes of play.
  3. Pregame warm-ups will only be allowed on the outfield grass no BP.
  4. Batter starts with a 1-1 count (one ball, one strike). NO 1/2 counts.
  6. Mercy Rule: 20 after 3; 15 after 4; 10 after 5
  7. Questionable weather, call 476-7960, or check or the Valpo Parks Facebook page for updates
  8. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Players suspected by League Officials to be under the influence will not be permitted to play.  



*All fees as well as remaining balances of any base fee must be paid in full by the first game or arrangements for payment made with Dan by this date!

​Makeup Schedule

Games that were cancelled on Monday, February 5 will be made up on Monday, February 19 with ALL GAME TIMES MOVED UP ONE TIME SLOT.  Please email Dan Lukes at if you have any quesitons on this make-up.